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PEAKS Collegiate Campus Dual Credit Pathway

Career Pathways are formed from flexible, student-centered learning opportunities that start broadly and gradually narrow as students learn about their own interests and aptitudes. At PEAKS Collegiate Campus, dual credit programming is part of the career pathway model, helping students to focus in on a field of study and prepare for the future.

Working with Lethbridge College, Grade 10-12 career pathways have been established in the following disciplines:

  • Environmental Assessment and Restoration
  • Natural Resource Compliance
  • Renewable Resources Management

All pathways begin with general courses in Botany, Zoology, Physical Geology, and Ecology followed by field-specific studies.

Courses are transferable to other post-secondary programs, so even if you don’t pursue environmental sciences nothing is wasted.

For each course, a week-long experiential adventure at PEAKS Campus will help students apply their learning in the real world. Featuring labs, visits to industry sites, and team-building activities, this experiential adventure takes dual credit to a new level.

Earn program-transferable post-secondary credits without paying post-secondary tuition! Dual credit courses are offered at no charge to students.

Download our PEAKS Collegiate Campus Dual Credit Pathway flyer.

To apply for PEAKS Collegiate Campus Dual Credit Pathway, complete and submit this application form.



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